Versatile Blog Award


I’ve been nominated twice this month! That’s really awesome! What’s not is my inability to update these awards.

It was a bit too late to post this as this was awarded to me just last month. I was nominated by Amy Punt, a screenwriter, essayist and a freelance journalist. I was in ablaze knowing she was one of those who reads my blog and nominated me with this award. I can’t thank her enough for that. I instantly am intrigued by her the moment I’ve seen her page because she writes fluently and so I started to read Insights From The Edge and then I also followed her on Twitter @amypunt.

But anyway, here is my top 15 list of nominees:

  1. Techie Family -Chrissie’s life blog
  2. Motivating Giraffe – Penny Redshaw and her amazing cartoons
  3. Smarticle Matter – Regina Howell’s clever blog
  4. Eris Goes To – Eris’ South East Asian Adventures
  5. Cooking With Wallflower – Andrea’s Food Blog. She’s very cool.
  6. Jajalenka – From a Girl whose gone sketching
  7. Wanderlust Keeper – Chasing Potatoes Beach Visits And Wanderings
  8. Wrong Hands – John Atkinson’s Tricky Comic Strips
  9. The Caffeinated Writer – One of my Favorite. Danielle’s Coffee Antics (in a good way)
  10. The Lone Traveller – Jasper’s Calming Blog. I like this blog seriously.
  11. BethTrem – I find Beth Tremaglio a very Strong woman in and out
  12. A Sweet Chili Love – Chilisarang’s South Korean and Filipino introspection is musing
  13. IslesGilian – Gilian’s words, women and wonders
  14. Rosasbubuyog – My Best Friend’s blog.
  15. Mermaid Out Of Sea – Sam’s Newbie Blog but like a pro


This is all there is! Thank you!

Here are the Versatile Blog Award rules: just click this link.


13 thoughts on “Versatile Blog Award

  1. Blog Awards – A Sweet Chili Love

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  3. This is amazing.. Thank you very much for the nomination..
    You are very much deserving to receive the award as well. 🙂
    Im glad someone out there also enjoys reading my blog.
    Keep sketching Jakey! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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