Versatile Blog Award


I’ve been nominated twice this month! That’s really awesome! What’s not is my inability to update these awards.

It was a bit too late to post this as this was awarded to me just last month. I was nominated by Amy Punt, a screenwriter, essayist and a freelance journalist. I was in ablaze knowing she was one of those who reads my blog and nominated me with this award. I can’t thank her enough for that. I instantly am intrigued by her the moment I’ve seen her page because she writes fluently and so I started to read Insights From The Edge and then I also followed her on Twitter @amypunt.

But anyway, here is my top 15 list of nominees:

  1. Techie Family -Chrissie’s life blog
  2. Motivating Giraffe – Penny Redshaw and her amazing cartoons
  3. Smarticle Matter – Regina Howell’s clever blog
  4. Eris Goes To – Eris’ South East Asian Adventures
  5. Cooking With Wallflower – Andrea’s Food Blog. She’s very cool.
  6. Jajalenka – From a Girl whose gone sketching
  7. Wanderlust Keeper – Chasing Potatoes Beach Visits And Wanderings
  8. Wrong Hands – John Atkinson’s Tricky Comic Strips
  9. The Caffeinated Writer – One of my Favorite. Danielle’s Coffee Antics (in a good way)
  10. The Lone Traveller – Jasper’s Calming Blog. I like this blog seriously.
  11. BethTrem – I find Beth Tremaglio a very Strong woman in and out
  12. A Sweet Chili Love – Chilisarang’s South Korean and Filipino introspection is musing
  13. IslesGilian – Gilian’s words, women and wonders
  14. Rosasbubuyog – My Best Friend’s blog.
  15. Mermaid Out Of Sea – Sam’s Newbie Blog but like a pro


This is all there is! Thank you!

Here are the Versatile Blog Award rules: just click this link.


13 thoughts on “Versatile Blog Award

  1. This is amazing.. Thank you very much for the nomination..
    You are very much deserving to receive the award as well. 🙂
    Im glad someone out there also enjoys reading my blog.
    Keep sketching Jakey! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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  3. Blog Awards – A Sweet Chili Love

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