Short Story: Gold Diamond Skin

“Gold Diamond Skin”
by Jake Cuamag

Bridget Donoreia, she’s 25 years old now. She sells gold teeth and diamond skin for a living to support her search for her long lost parents.

She never really knew who her parents was as she was just left on the streets when she was still 13 months old on an empty box which is filled with packs of hair dye, wet cloth and some biscuits as what her mother supposed she would able to figure out it is food. A group of kids from an orphanage saw her and admitted her to be fostered. At the age of 15, she’s been adopted by a barren businesswoman from Thailand and her husband an engineer from Norway. The good couple brought her to her education and has supported her along the way until she finished college in University of Gonorietha in Taiwan. She fled to seek her destiny afterwards to look for her biological parents in the Philippines. She gleefully thanked her spiritual parents and has doubted to leave as she grew confident with their care and love. She promised she’ll return once she received wisdom in search for her deep lost soul.

As she arrived in the country where she thought her parents lived, she was dumb struck about the situation where she supposed to have grown- a very small town in Iligan City where the orphanage mapped for her. She saw her biological father. She saw her 5 sisters and three brothers playing outside the what she knows a small hut, all covered with tarpaulin to mask out from the rain. As she stepped nearer her father, a man appeared in her back pointing a knife at her neck. The robber asked unapologetically to hand over bag. Her father pleaded to spare Bridget’s life and will give anything the robber wished for. Bridget slowly pull out her wallet, her bag and handed it to the robber. Once she let go of het bag, she then felt a swift around her neck, a hot jet red liquid flushed out her neck. She took hand in it and felt a very dark vision of losing everything. She died.

Wait, why do I always kill the main character? Okay so, seriously I don’t know what I’m writing. Anyway, thanks for reading. Sorry for this nonsense.


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