7/11 City Blends


It was just recent when the 7/11 stores popped out randomly around Davao City and probably has dropped a pin on every empty lots here and there. At least, it took the 24/7 stores’ standards higher as compared to the Yap Chain’s the ‘Convenience Store’ which served Davao City for years in monopoly. So, I think the Yap Chain really needs to innovate and improve their services for it will sure cause them the urban market’s loss of interest. And in business, the lesser public interest, the higher the rate of quagmire.

24 hour stores are my side dishes since I am partly awake during midnight. The last time I remembered I relied most of my coffee needs from stores was when I have lived in Makati City for months. The only two stores that can fuel up my caffeine necessity in a jiffy are either Starbucks or 7/11. Although honestly, I can see no difference with both their top seller brewed coffees except the price.

But here in Davao, the most convenient place to have a cup of coffee is at 7/11. The City Blend, as of now, is my top 2 favorite coffee for the year; for being incredibly affordable with the taste not being taken for granted. My number 1 sought after coffee is my wife’s very own blend of coffee (it’s very comforting).

Thank goodness they’ve opened up near my place. It’s so near, I can crawl towards it.


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