This Renovation Innovation


This site is undergoing a simple upgrading and so does the person inside me (acheche). I snatched all of my photographs and put it on a separate blog for “personal” viewing only. Then I stick on posting only sketches since that’s basically what this is all about. So I hope you will notice some of the changes here and I would like to thank my fellow wordpress bloggers for the support you gave and the insights you provided. I wish I could be some of your help in the future but for now, I am really am satisfied for the friendship and connections I’ve received and all the constructive conversations I had. By the way, I’ve reached the 100 followers here! Thank you!

Meanwhile, that guy I sketch isn’t me, seriously. Two nights ago, I went to the gym near our house just to use the basic treadmills and rower which I supposed to have done weeks ago. The gym was just small so was the fee for usage. It only costs Php 45.00 an hour use of the equipment. The staff provided me with a gym instructor with an absurd V-Neck shirt.

Male body builders are awesome weird.


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