Been Reading Books


My decision of slowly avoiding Social Medias has benefited me a lot for I tend to focus more on reading on what’s printed rather than the social media statuses.

I don’t know if I have ever mentioned this issue here but I want to highlight this again since I’ve received a few questions from friends asking why I unfollowed them on Instagram and deactivated my Facebook account.

The reason why I left Facebook is because I’ve spent a tantamount of time clicking, scrolling and seeing friends having good time of their lives. I hate to admit but it I feel like a rotten tomato because of comparisons which I know it would not make any good to me. I know that the Facebook profiles are just bits of realities covered in ultra HD profile pictures. Every person has some shit in their lives and troubles in which we cannot see between their all time happy figures in their profiles. So decided to not care about that anymore.

I’ve also been influenced by my wife to become at least a neophyte ascetic person. I wanted to discipline myself like her as she avoided social medias like a pro.

So if you are asking me why I unfollowed you, maybe because I don’t deserve your shit. No, I’m sorry I wasn’t referring to someone in particular.

Right now, I’ve spent most of my time reading books and discovering the world in written order while discovering my caffeine capabilities over my newly updated playlist. Also, just to en route my Clash of Clans addiction, I’ve disregarded it and downloaded my very own Haywire Hospital.


17 thoughts on “Been Reading Books

  1. Good for you! I know so many people who say that they want to quit Facebook, but when push comes to shove they just can’t do it. I actually posted about this same issue myself, lol … great minds think alike ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  2. My cousin’s wife alwaaaaayysss posts her baby’s life on Facebook tagging me in every bit of photographs as if it was always a baby contest everyday. I mean, there is nothing wrong with it except the fact that they don’t have the consent of the baby. So I suggested she should turn that into blogging instead. That’s another reason why I left Facebook because there is so much issues to be considered and I don’t know if I am in the position to brag about it. Thanks Gilian! You made me ponder upon these cracks. Hahha

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  3. It really needs discipline. I just use facebook for chatting with my family or posting helpful contents on my page, but the reading of other’s status has really been limited or stopped, as I don’t really want to know everything about people. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  4. It’s a bit of a challenge for me at first since I am tempted to click the red notification button on the Facebook App. Then after that I get dumped in scrolling without knowing I’ve spend probably an hour there. It’s a waste of time really. AND by the way, it’s also nice of Facebook to install the messenger separately so I can still communicate with the important people I know who only have Facebook as for communicating. Thanks Tiffany! Let’s read more on what’s written on papers!

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  5. I’ve also taken leave from Facebook. It’s around two weeks for me now. The thing I noticed most since quitting is that I stopped caring about all the cools things other people were achieving, doing, and eating. I have more time to spend on myself, as you have! ๐Ÿ˜€

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