Very Lion King

I took a photo an hour ago while I was riding a motorcycle on my way to work and now I am on the bus trying to paste all the thoughts I had while I was in abstraction of abundance of fresh, cold breeze of the farm during the weekend. I had a feeling this is going to be a good week which I think will turn out a positive month then a very positive year. Well, that escalated quickly!

Things are going to change now since such good news has arise last week. During the weekend, Cheriel and I had a chance to talk about what’s ahead of us this year and I can’t feel more reluctant about it. Nothing really beats the time well spent with your family. We had good meals, good together and good weather. On Saturday, Cheriel bought some new clothes for me at the town and she also managed to sneak a pair of shoe. On Sunday, I drove her to the market and bought the usual grocery items that are needed for the week. This asceticism is satisfying.

Looking forward for another weekend with them.


11 thoughts on “Very Lion King

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