The Earth In Me


Probably the most amazing natural phenomenon is to see turtles hatching out of their eggs and instinctively wobbles to reach the ocean. As far as I know,  an ocean is considered clean if there are turtles swimming freely and feeding from it. I experienced swimming with the turtles in Surigao del Sur one fine Holiday in April last year and I was left shivered by the thought of how they managed to lived. 7 years ago, I have also experienced seeing closely turtle eggs hatch at the Marine Turtle Sanctuary in Punta Dumalag in Matina Aplaya, Davao City.

This encounter popped out of my mind two days ago because I’ve seen turtles being killed and harmed on Facebook. It also reminded me that I have posted a draft here on my blog with regards to the petition I made with the Greenpeace dot org.

There is a huge percentage of humans who does not care about the turtle habitat and how important their existence are in our nature.

The Greenpeace – an independent global campaigning organisation that promotes to change human attitude and behavior to protect and to conserve the environment as well as promoting peace, has long established an awareness which includes the amazing amount of garbage humans produce each year and WE, YOU, US, probably contributed to it without even knowing.

Every single uncollected trash in the world will basically end up in the North Pacific Ocean. The ocean currents will lead them to what the world calls ‘The Pacific Trash Vortex.’

“The trash vortex is an area roughly the same size of Texas in the North Pacific in which an estimated six kilos of plastic for every kilo of natural plankton, along with other slow degrading garbage, swirls slowly around like a clock, choked with dead fish, marine mammals, and birds who get snared. Some plastics in the gyre will not break down in the lifetimes of the grandchildren of the people who threw them away.”  -Greenpeace

There are millions of living things in the ocean and they are in threat of these unsolicited garbage.

For a normal citizen like me, the only thing in mind on how not to contribute to the fast increasing global warming is to simply clean up my mess. Put things where it should be. Read, be informed and tell people about what you have learned and then practice what you preach.

Saving our Earth starts with you. There are 50 ways in which you can help the environment. You can read them all here.

You can also sign a petition on Greenpeace to help promote awareness inclined with the preservation of our planet.



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