Cleaning My Mane

Brooms Panes

A letter from Tommy to Thomas:

“I’m trying my best to fit all of the metaphors that I have learned from the past few months of wandering around alone.

As you might not know, I’ve been trying to juggle around these four balls of glasses in my life: work, fun, friends and family. It’s a bit hard keeping up the pace as I push higher with work because that’s how I should do it to support my family. Bring up more work to lift up my family. That’s all I am thinking. The friends fall right from the middle since I thought I could not juggle with it for more. If I tend to raise it higher, I probably will lose my sanity and concentration with work and family.

Recently, I accidentally dropped and lose the “friends” and I have lost interest in searching for it on the bush. Yes, I know it’s just right there waiting for me to pick it up. Once in a while, the glass ball of friendship rolls in front of me and the saddest part is that I frequently kick it away from me as it eventually broke down into pieces. I did that while I still trying to juggle the three remaining balls with me.

Earlier this afternoon, I dropped the glass ball of family. It didn’t break even though it fell on concrete wall. I know I dropped it really hard but it’s still in one piece. I tried to step on it because I can’t pick it up for I was too busy juggling the work and fun balls. The glass ball of family rolled away from me and I felt awful seeing it rolling away farther. I stopped juggling and tried to throw the glass ball of fun in the air. In my hand remains the glass ball of work.

I’m trying to collect all the pieces and clean up the mess. My sign right now says: Under Construction.

So, please bear with me.”

Thank you Thomas, Tommy.



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