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Every Bit Of Pan

There are these times that I really wanted to draw something but cannot because of the lack of inspiration be it external or internal. A very close friend of mine assessed me about why I don’t instantly be engaged into making arts. She said I am an intrinsic artist. So I considered that my intrinsic value came from my reserved nature. . I tend to think more of “for myself” and not for the others. She said that I cannot be asked to draw something or make an art because I cannot finish that task. The inspiration must come from within. And I fully am aware of that and I do not reject that thought. I have abandoned my high school classmates’ request of their very own caricature and most of them are my closest friend. There was this specific girl that after probably 8 years of asking a caricature, I finally gave her this:


Kira Micaela Abrigana

I was absolutely astounded as she also posted this caricature on her blog here: and stayed as here DP for probably a year? And that felt really awesome. That kind of influence I can give even in small ways.

The only feeling that I trust which I register as the trait of being an artist is that I have a cauldron full of frustrations.

So in order for me to basically creep out of my very own labyrinth of suffering, I have to feed myself with more inspirations and  search for some references online and read some books from artists around the world. The first illustrator I found was the Chicago based comic illustrator Lucy Knisley. I bought her French Milk on a local bookstore in my city. This basically is her travelogue comic illustration in Paris. And yes, I found this idea very interesting. I started to do some journal sketching on 2009 which ended up of course unfinished. The antics continued until I have my second Sketch Journal which is a bit serious than the first sketch journal I made. Anyway, the thing is I am planning to publish this book the same as what Lucy Knisley did on her Travelogues.

So I’ll share some good sites from good illustrators that I secretly consider them as my mentors. Here they are:

Lucy Knisley –  a critically acclaimed and award-winning comic creator. She lives in Chicago. She specializes in personal, confessional comics and travelogues. Her last name is confusing and has a silent K. It’s pronounced kind-of like “nigh-slee.”

Onur Yeldan – an animator at DreamWorks Animation. His watercolor arts are to die for for me.

Sarah Becan – Sarah Becan is a comics artist, author, illustrator and designer based in Chicago, and the creator of “I Think You’re Sauceome”, a food-centric autobiographical webcomic.


Here are some of their arts:




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