What’s Your Reason?

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There’s this thing with people who brags about how our leader’s run our nation. I’ve observed that those who have an intense and harsh comments about the Aquino administration are the one’s who never even voted during the 2010 election. I’ve never really been good about sharing my political views but I know the difference and I believe that it makes me less of a fool.

I entrusted my fist ever presidential vote to Benigno Aquino III not because he was popularly been endorsed or whatsoever but because I believed that he lifted the spirits of the Filipinos against poverty. That’s what he has during that time. The spirit to inspire. But when it comes to the ability to run the country I should have voted for Gilbert “Gibo” Teodoro. However, PNOY shared some inspirations and I know nothing about any negative campaigns during his election period. Of course, as we all know it, it is never too easy to clean up the mess of the previous dramatic, traditional, corrupt politicians of the past. I am NOT talking about the Arroyo and Estrada incidents. You know what I’m saying. But hey! All B.Aquino did was be a cleaner and a go-see person during these transcending events of our country.

Now, the bars of PHL 2016 election has been very high and somewhat it makes every person in the Philippines battle like it’s just two television stations grabbing the top ratings in the nation.

First, I wanted to highlight that the Duterte-Cayetano tandem has had numerous of unpaid supporters even before Duterte claimed he was not running for president . The supporters are willing to dedicate their time and efforts just to show the world that it is time to REALLY wake up from all the trash we’ve been buried into for years! There’s no question about how Rodrigo Duterte made Davao its finest glory. I mean, seriously, I am from Davao and lived here for almost three decades now and I have not yet felt any regret living here. Even if Davao City is poor, we don’t feel the poverty because we are satisfied with what we have. I mean who wouldn’t want to live in a clean city? To live with good people, to see a smoke-free, pollution free city? The roads here have been constantly been improving right at this moment as I write. And you can see how Davao performs HERE an infographic provided by ThinkingPinoy.com.

People here in my city are very proud to be a Davaoeño and are very proud also that Digong is running for president next year. But here is the catch; have you really researched about what really is happening in our country right now? Have you studied what the other presidentiables has to offer? Let’s say, Mar Roxas. I think if Rodrigo Duterte did not claim his interest to become the president next year, your choice would be Mar Roxas. I guess.

I believe Mar Roxas is a genius and a good man. he has an adequate experience to lead our country and I don’t mind if he wins. The only thing that Mar is weak at is to inspire the people. He’s good at being a jerk showing what he has to offer. You know “publicity stunts.”

Those who think Mar Roxas is the next big thing are missing the point. I’ve seen Mar Roxas’ campaign that includes celebrities such as Jay-R, Kris Lawrence, John Pratts, Melai Cantiveros, Karylle and believe me, the KathNiel. I mean it’s absurd! Mar Roxas definitely has this ability to become an ultimate faux pas. Next to Jejomar Binay’s being an ass hole.

Right now, my vote goes to Digong. For these reasons I know would help me realize that I did the right thing; Digong showed honesty to the whole country. He offered hope to the poor, he threats the devil, he is trustworthy. He’s like the only light at the end of the tunnel now.

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2 thoughts on “What’s Your Reason?

  1. I believe America has a fine sheet of Government. My country is really poor for being poor. Traditional politicians here are Garbage. Full of corruption. But now, ate least, there is this one person who is willing to stand up for my country and that is our Mayor. He’s Rodrigo Duterte. He’s like our local Putin. That’s how I define him. With an iron fist.

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  2. Very cool. I enjoy reading about your country’s politics and your views. Your city sounds nice. Mine’s dirty and big and loud. Mostly. In some places it’s nice. Anyway, sorry for all the likes and stuff. It’s late. Can’t sleep. Just having a good time reading.

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