Imagine Your Korea


Three months ago, I joined the “Write Your Name in Korea” contest. I was not really looking forward to whatever the prize is for this contest but I did not hesitate to join because the only thing that you will do is write an essay about what you think of the Korean culture and how it influenced you. Since I consider Korea as the closest country to me, I didn’t feel hard on the essay. It was like telling a story about what I ate for lunch.

I received an email with my Tour Itinerary this morning telling me that my entry was chosen and they notified me that my name will be printed on the alley walk of the Sang Sang Gil and I only have a month to comply with my requirements for the trip (re: Visa ) which I think I won’t be able to comply. But that’s not a bad news. As part of the prize, my name will be printed here highlighted on the purple line on the map. The Korean Tourism Organization also gave me free vouchers (Free Pass for Changwon City Tour Bus, T-shirt, Transportation Cards, Shoes and Gift Bags). I probably will send these gift checks to my Korean brother after I received these freebies, I guess.  My name has also been successfully printed in “Write Your Name in Korea” book which is accessible on the first floor of Changdong Art Center in Changdong Art Village (opening hours is 11am ~ 6pm, closed on Mondays). Below is the image of the book for the campaign.


Address Book of Participants

Another lottery for a free trip to Korea will be announced later this year and you can still submit your entry! Just visit the Korean Tourism Organization’s website here or click the image below.




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