Travel Tandag City

Tandag 3


Tandag City is a provincial capital of the Surigao Del Sur Provine in Mindanao, Philippines. It’s an 8 hour travel from Davao City and the good part is that they reopened the airport which makes it easier to get there. Since we traveled there with a car, I could not tell how much money do you need to commute in reaching the surf city of Surigao del Sur.

I’ve got to tell you honestly, I was a bit bothered getting away from home and took a trip telling no one where we I’ll be heading. I used to hang out with two good work mate friends, Irish and Bernhard. They both are awfully nice to hang out with and two of the most unique and interesting persons at work too. One day, we three decided to ride our way to Tandag City to surf and be stoked. Not really wanted to elaborate what being stoked is, but yes, we took the road on the Adventure Time wiggy.

We left Davao on Friday, 10:00 P.M. and reached Tandag at 7:00 A.M. The reason why we visited this place is because of the surf-tastic waves which is what the city is famous for. Well, the waves basically is Tandag’s pot of gold. The beach has an adequate to extreme waves which makes it a good place for a newbie surfer to roll out. If you have a Surfs up dream, then this travel might feed your heart’s desire.

As soon as we reached Tandag, we were greeted by Kuya Vicci, he’s one of the professional surfers in Tandag. He had a wall full of surf boards for rent around 500php – 1,000php for the whole day. From long board for starters and short boards for pro surfers. Kuya Vicci owns the Libudanan, an outdoor adventure shop in Dagocdoc, Tandag City proper. If I have all the leads, this man deserves a recognition for the love of the art of surfing and for the love of living the life simple.

He helped us during our surf-venture. We did not stay in a hotel when being there, we just rented a room at a beach and slept through webbed hammocks tied on pine trees beside the smooth thin waves of water being spread through the what I already know as the fine gray sands of the shore.

We were joined by Bern’s friends in Tandag and helped us with our surf needs and joined us in our hang outs.

Aside from the awfully perfect to ride waves, the city also offers a nice catch of hanging around at the Boulevard where the city officials usually offers free movie entertainment plaid on a big giant wall right in the middle of the park.  A visit to this city is never also complete without dropping by at the Goldbar Restaurant, which is home of the famous Tandag City’s best-seller crispy pata.

The only sad part of visiting this place was I left my rash guard on the tricycle on our way to the sand spot. I wanna hang out again with these lot sooner but maybe in a year or so.

Bern Irish

L-R Bernhard Ragga-muffin Gee, Irish and me.




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