No Impact Man


Still a huge bummer of walking around the city


For the past few months, I’ve poured a little information in me about the world wide concerns such as people being infidels, bigots, FGM, how media poisons the minds of people, the pacific trash vortex, about humanity puts vanity before kindness to animals, about me being cynical to people, that these concerns I consider a cacophony of issues I only take no actions but to read.

I tried to change the absurd habit of the people here in my city of becoming lame about CLAYGO (clean as you go). This is just a simple issue which I think can be resolved by someone who can influence another person to be responsible with their own trash. That person, I think, in simple ways, is me. I’ve been bragging about the trash we make and leave the mess on the table during fast food breaks to my work mates and friends and was astounded about the positive influence one person can make if he/she stands firm to what he/she believes in.

I don’t consider myself as a huge good impact provider but at least I’m not one of those who contributes to the abominable facts about global warming. The hell.

I’m going to share my experience about my ennui Sunday freedom of being in the park. There were a bunch of teenagers and a couple of mentors dancing in front of the church and the city hall. I was intrigued about their reason to rally because they did it in front of these two symbolic facades, about whether they shouted against the Church or the government, I don’t know. That is the reason why I sat on one of the bench and listened to what they have to say. They were spreading candles to people asking to join them in their march against coal mining including me. I have not heard about these issues until now but then again I realized how these teenagers were blissfully convinced and influence by the activists who felt being oppressed by the issues of coal mining in the city. As I was listening to them screaming about their right to be heard, I had a little reflection about environment versus religion.

If mother Earth reached its toll, no religion can save it. Religion is not about faith, it’s the story of faith. If being religious is about doing good and being good to other people, then that is not an excuse to disregard our environment. I don’t know, I’m just full of ideas right now that I can’t possibly put these into words.

My point is this-
Let our differences not be the reason not to take care of our nature.

For now, I would just want to share the books that I’ve finished reading and was planning to re-read most of them.

No Impact Man by Colin Beavan,
Looking for Alaska by John Green,
The Scorch Trials by James Dashner and
Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth by Reza Aslan.

If you have good books that you want to share with me just email me or comment here. Please I need good suggested books! Thanks for reading.


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