Travel Dipolog City



I never would have booked this flight if I have a choice so I wouldn’t experience this ineffable, amazing, traumatic propeller waggy experience.


If I have indulged myself into travel blogging, I might have a full entry of blog posts about how praise-worthy the places here in Mindanao are. Yet, I missed the chance of documenting things such as how-to-get-there, how-much-you-should-pay-for , courses and delicacies of each cities and the likes.

For now, I will reminisce the days and put everything into writing about my good old travel days across Mindanao.

This is a story of my one-stop experience in Dipolog City.

There are good ways to get there and the best probably is by air which is of course depending on the kind of airplane you would have. I pictured Dipolog City on my noodles as an archival place for the historical Philippines. It is also the capital city of the Zamboanga Del Norte province in Mindanao. I never imagined myself visiting this place since a. I don’t know someone from here b. I have no idea what dialect they are speaking and c. these two being combined is such a frill. My perception was they speak Chavacano a Spanish based creole language of some sort but all of what I’ve heard were Cebuanos ranting for chips and peep squeaks. The reason why I was able to visit this city was because I am on my way to Oroquieta City a 4 hour travel from Dipolog City which I would be spending a month to work.

A friend told me if there were no flight delays, then I would not be spending a night in Dipolog since the last bus schedule is 4 in the afternoon. Luckily, I have set foot on Dipolog by 3:30 P.M. and I only had 30 minutes left to travel from the Dipolog City Airport to the Bus Terminal. I felt like I am part of the Amazing Race during these atrocities being left for me to figure out.

Of course, why would I feel alien on my own country albeit I have cynical view of the past cities I have visited. I rode their local version of the tricycle which I will illustrate here:


As you can see, I sat behind the driver and my luggage were in from of the vehicle. Since I consider myself as a smart-aleck kind of guy, I searched for someone to ask on the airport before all the baggage were unloaded from the plane about how much should I pay the tricycle driver from the airport to the bus terminal. A good old lady said I only have to pay P10.00 for the trip, but when I asked the tricycle driver he was asking for about P50.00. I said, yes but only we could get to the bus terminal ASAP which he agreed and sped off like a train.

If I have not reached the bus schedule on time, I would have spent a night in Dipolog on a gloomy Sunday afternoon. These crowded yet cheerful streets might have served me with good memorable experiences but not this time.



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