Aside: The Accidental Arrangement


I took this photo when it rained so hard and Ive got nothing to cover up on the post office. This represents the dull, lame, gloomy days of mine…

From my Lucky Sketch journal

A chapter of our life tells us “hey, is this what I should be doing or not?” And a part saya “okay, stop.”

Now I am on chapter “What the fuck am I doing?”
On this page, I doodled somewhat a dream catcher. Was trying to figure out what the fudge is this thing for? I don’t know. But right as of this momet, my body says sleep but my mind is not in weep. Did my best to rhyme that beep. Yes, my entry states my disposition these days. Last year I really didn’t know what I’ll be having this year. But recently, okay I’m really sleepy. I have to catch up the dream.


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