Aside: My Wordy Confession


Confessions part one: I’ve got a manjoiary.

Yes, you’ve heard it first here.

But what the shuck is a manjoiary?

Well, it’s a thing which guys who strongly disagree about having a diary because that’s just such a girl thing to hear, so they call it a journal instead. Thus, Man’s Journal-not-a-Diary exists. I’ve read about Jeff Kinney’s “The Diary of a Wimpy Kid” that he’s also insisting that his diary is a “journal” even though he published his books as the “Wimpy Kid’s Diary” and that wouldn’t make any sense since he’s a comic illustrator not a full sleeve writer.

Lucy Knisley’s Stop Paying Attention, on the other hand, also has the same idea when it comes to keeping a legitimate diary. Compared to the Wimpy Kid, she has a dintictive palette in illustrating. My skimpy analogy: that’s sticks versus bones.

My point is that- if you happen to barge into my room and you see somewhat looks like a “diary” maybe on the floor, then I’ll tell you that it’s not.

Behold, I call it the Lucky’s Sketch Journal. Puhahaha!


I feel kind of an awesome at this point because…well, it’s possible that you won’t catch my speck but hey, that’s what the whole thing is all about.

I’ve been trying my best to become the (at least) great writer that I’ve known. That is my number two reason of writing. The first reason is you can read it right HERE. So, it’s not just about words and the perplexed, delusional imaginations that I’ve been coming up to, it’s the mediocre, spit-worthy sketches that’s what makes it not just a diary but a manjoiary.

Up to date, I’ve got three Lucky Sketch Journal and the first journal is still the best. If you are delusional like me and you want to read my nonsensical, vague and absurd written mishaps, I can publish it. But of course I can’t because I don’t have funds. However, you can back me up on Kickstarter once they opened up an Asian counterpart platform for it.


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