Yahoo Changed Its Homepage and the Yahoosers are Cracking Down

Did I miss anything or did I just blinked and then Yahoo changed it’s homepage interface? I don’t know about you but Yahoo! served me with information I know I would need to start my day. Although I have been sickened with the Kardashian-Taylor-Kanye unnecessary news, I still am proud to know what the hell Caitlyn Jenner is wearing today, tomorrow and for the rest of the I-don’t-give-a-damn days.

Yahoo-sers are making a little irk about the interaction which is more on scrolling down rather than clicking to right. Here are some of the comments I’ve seen on Yahoo Answers:

“I hate the new home page, the one that’s all purple and big and doesn’t have the nicely organized horizontal thumb nail news stories at the top and looks like it was designed by young pot smoking kids. And I get it randomly, I had it a while back, then it went away thank goodness, but now tonight 2/5/15 it’s suddenly it’s back again, like a bad dream. why do they keep screwing with the home page and making it worse? I hope hope it goes away again and for good.”

“Wow, thanks for making the size of the readable page even smaller. All people over the age of 40 really appreciate it. (SARCASM OFF). I find it fascinating that a company can unilaterally change a viable product without an alternative for its customers to revert back to the older (more functional) version. ACTIVELY SEARCHING FOR A NEW HOMEPAGE FOR ALL SIX OF THE FAMILY COMPUTERS.”
-didn’t work

But then again, this comments were made 8 months ago. Again, I will try to fix my morning routine with these new settings.


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