Filipinos Are Intelligent


As of this moment, I just had the dizzy sensation that I’ve got words in my head waiting to be released and put into this page.

As you might not know, I am a frustrated writer. I discovered that five years ago. Right now, I am still frustrated as ever. I love the English language and the only way I can use it is through writing. I also am a fan of the Japanese language, maybe because of the influences from my overly attached emotions with the fictional Japanese anime characters. So today, I have realized and concluded that Filipinos are intelligent people. They speak two and can understand up to three languages and probably two to three even four dialects. So, in order for me to make use of the language that I have studied since birth (?), I decided to write, learn and incarnate it through blogging.

Here in my place, I think I am the only one who has a blog. The only reason I know would be most valid for someone not to do blogging is because they lack the interest to do so. It’s not actually about the writing skills, illustration skills, photography skills or whatever skills that are needed to set up your own blog. It’s about how interested you are and how motivated you are to learn these things. Some people I have asked to do blogging  they said they were afraid they might have the incorrect grammar on their blog, the wrong idea, the wrong everything. So the theory of negativity begins. It doesn’t matter, really. It’s your idea and you are what you post.


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