Everyday iPhone Apps


Let’s change the “our friends defines who we are”  to “our apps defines who we are.” Before the age of Ultron, we always say “wait, I have to go to the toilet” but now, instinctively and unconsciously before leaving a place, we say “wait, I have to post a status.” I don’t seem to think something is wrong with that nowadays but having been phone-less for about a week, I’ve noticed that humans have evolved into something really socially anti-social. We may lose our artistic inclination and verbal communication because the attention we offer to our gadgets- and I don’t feel like I am with the defense organization because I am also a victim – is massively addictive. So, since I am going to tell you the apps that defines who the “real me” is, I wouldn’t say, try to download these, but these are my iPhone apps:

  1. Evernote – Ever wonder where’d you put that Laundry ticket last Sunday? Then, Evernote is the answer. I use this app to gather all my important transactions such as warranty tickets, free passes, instant notes, list of everything and probably fliers around the streets.
  2. PicsArt – Since I am a newbie artist, this app served me with my deep urge to sketch. It basically has every tool you need for your photos to be magically fake. Filters are forever be your necessity if you happen to have a sulky, deep, cabbage face.
  3. Instagram – I’ve been doing Instagram since last year and I have followed important people in my life. It helps me see their important pictures in a day, compared to Facebook’s large amount of photos.
  4. Twitter – I am basically everywhere. To know more about me, just see my twitter. Click this link.
  5. WordPress – Yes, I have this one. For those constant trance moment which you can see above this post.
  6. Tumblr – I told you I am everywhere. This is just my artwork stash where I put my random twerks of art.
  7. DayOne – This is the only paid app I have. It’s a personal journal which you can put whatever you wish. For me, I use this app to document my silly weight loss because I can’t afford anyone seeing my half naked gorgeous (almost there) body. This app is protected and is synced with iCloud so none of them intruders will be able to see my perfect (wishing) body. Plus, this app won the App of the Year awarded by Apple. So i feel kinda awesome.
  8. Pomodrone – I downloaded this app because I easily am disturbed by my phone’s notifications. If you happen to have a short span of attention, then downloading this app might improve your concentration and that actually, unintentionally rhymed. I feel kinda awesome again.
  9. Messenger – because, no load.
  10. Facebook – because of Eat Bulaga’s Kalye Serye.
  11. Clash of clans – you get the whole point.
  12. Walking Dead App – because I am emotionally attached with these fictional characters.

Well, that’s basically the apps I am living with right now. So, then, you can judge me. They are my friends.

What about you? Tell me what your apps are and I will tell you who you are.


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