Sleeping Was Enough


Last night, as I was about to sleep, I felt I need to talk to him. Not because my mattress was clean and cushion were smoothly pressed fresh from the laundry, but because of my uncertain natural instinct. I just am so thankful enough to realize that I still have reasons to be thankful of. I have clothes, I have friends, I have my very own family, I have good food to eat, I have my “bed”, my desire to draw and this nose that I blame every time I can smell the addicting aroma of coffee.

I asked him to provide me a very good sleep and to wake me up early in the morning, so I won’t be late at work. Yes, I woke up but the time I’ve read my cellphone watch, it was 5:45 A.M., that means I only have 15 minutes to squabble around the house and leave. I was really being crazy running around and not to lose a minute. By the time I was ready to jump out of the house, I looked again my watch, but this time, not my smartphone watch but my wrist watch, He made fun of me, he let me see first my advanced watch before looking into real-time. But it’s okay.

So, I had a great day ahead of the week.

I must stay positive for the week since I have some huge choices and a thin chance to feel okay and be reluctant for the following week. I know I have made stupid choices but that was part of me strengthening my decision making and also to make me realize that material things are just materials which we shouldn’t supposed to have a personal attachment or else, we would not go further in understanding that our stay here on Earth is just temporary.


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