Karma Free Diet


This is the ugliest grill I’ve ever seen

You know what’s the hard thing about having a big fat belly? You can’t reach your toes. You can’t sit comfortably, you feel ridiculously ugly and fascinatingly lazy. I’ve come to the peak of my insanity about not caring a thing that is inclined with healthy living.

Two months ago, my good friends and I had a little gathering and thought about having a dinner at Gogi Gui, a Korean restaurant along Mabini Street right next to the YellowHaus Cafe. At first it like having good conversations and all, until the abundant meat came. There were a bunch of pork meat being huddled in one foot long rectangular plate and another plate for which I think is for the chicken which is absolutely unlimited in serving. Of course, what am I supposed to do but to eat and grubble out those meaties from the plate and grill them smokey up front.


The advanced planggana de-smoke-kethizer

Not until I felt dizzy with all the meat I consumed, three hours after we’ve left the place, I decided to smoke since that chill grill made me horribly feeling awful. Anyway, my whole point is that, thanks to Gogi Gui, I finally decided to bat away my meat consumption and mind my green manners. It has been two months from that decision and ATM I feel very light and good with all the vegetables that I am having. I could not consider myself a vegetarian YET since I still eat hotdog on sticks at Roxas street, burritos, tacos and of course lumpia. What I am enjoying now is a guilt-free and karma-free diet. Eat your greens you guys. It won’t harm you anyway. Unless it’s poison ivy then it probably will.

Gogi Gui

my version of the grill


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