Stupid Predicament Ever

What are the odds? I’ve been a little bit engaged in music for the past few months of living alone in the city. Sometimes I considered it as an escape to the reality which I think is a little harsh for now . I like music and I can’t think of having nothing to listen to when I feel like I am stressed. I have an infinite choice of music from alternative to J Rock, RNB to Pop and sometimes KPop. Weird huh? I guess that’s what music is all about. When you feel happy, you listen to the beat, when you are sad, you understand the words and if it is other languages, you feel the culture.

Recently, I have heard a few people listening and singing to songs from Kim Chiu. Is she related to Pikachu? I don’t know but that for me is not music. It’s more like of a sound hit and I hate it. But still, my mind is liking it. It’s an obnoxious influence. My most stupid predicament ever.


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