Grave Fire Flies

Candy box copy

It’s like almost a year when I’ve heard about Studio Ghibli’s ‘The Grave of the Fireflies’ but I never got the chance to watch it until yesterday. Compared to the other three movies that I have watched over the holidays, this was more remarkable. Studio Ghibli has captured every kids’ natural reaction when it comes to longing, sadness, hunger and happiness.

Kids these days are very lucky to have been provided with every rights they need. The shelter, the food, the name, the clothes, a time to play and a family to love them. These are now well provided and well observed compared to the kids of the past who have struggled every bit of inch of step to put us to what we are having now.

I hope that the children of the future will acknowledge the pain, the suffering, the abolition, the torture, hunger, being oppressed so that we will value the things that we have now. Freedom, expression, wants not needs, reaching our dreams, going out with friends.

This blog is dedicated to the good people of the past, not just in my country, the Philippines, but also to those who have served their own country.


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