Slippery When Wet

My kind of day.This is my first time wearing cheap sandals at work. Really. Why I have to do this is because I have some of the runner’s blisters on my right toes specifically the big thumb ones. I have been doing some running on the park lately and also I have been adjusting my diet not because it was some trend but because I feel I needed to. I also have friends who’re (whore?) fitness buffs and health conscious and I’ve been asking them about the good diet I should be getting into. Some of them suggests white meat diet, more of the proteins and less sugar. One friend has been dedicating her entire fitness in consuming fiber. That has become my misconception over diet since I’ve been consuming more of the fiber than what I should be consuming. I mean, my fiber has been really high that my belly is not getting any thinner.

Starting today, I may not be able to wear any shoes probably for a week or two because of my cute but alarming blisters. This is a good day to wear sandals. We should often do this one because it’s light and comfortable.


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