Jail Breaking Cydia

I’m not really supposed to tell these tweaks that I have learned but I guess it won’t hurt sharing some knowledge with you guys.

I have jail broken my iPad 1st generation months ago and was a bit heartbroken when I did that. There were some sorts on Google telling you do do these and that it is very easy to follow and yes, it was very easy. I did it in just an hour. Well probably it depends on the strength of your connection.

Pros: I really have not found out what are the benefits of Cydia Jail Broken device since all the apps there for me was crap. For over a hundred of downloads, I have only used one feature – the Ninja Jump. The problem really is that there were numerous of Apps, programs, tweaks, themes or whatever that are present in Cydia and if you don’t have the virtue of scavenging through it all, you will end up appreciating nothing but garbage. This isn’t actually a pros. This is a cons.
The real Cons: You won’t get to download good apps on Apps Store. Not that I have tried it or whatever but I’ve read that you won’t be able to link your Apple ID anymore. I mean, the limited warranty is disabled. Thus, making it illegitimate device.

So, Why am I doing this blog? Maybe because I wanted to help those frustrated jail brokers who have not yet found the virtue of rummaging.

The question:

1. My jailbroken Cydia iPad 1st generation iOS 5.1.1 isn’t working because the screen becomes small. How can I restart this?

Answer: On your lock screen, hold down the volume up of your iPad while turning it off. While still pressing the volume up button, turn on your iPad until you see the locked screen of your iPad. That way you can run it on Safe Mode. Then you can change the settings on your Cydia Jail Break App.

The stress that I’ve been into is incomparable. I feel silly about jail breaking my iPad but anyway, it wouldn’t have reached this complexity if it still remains running on iOS 5.1.1 and that I have nothing to learn and nothing to have shared in the end.


One thought on “Jail Breaking Cydia

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