Butter Bitter Better


Butters are considered to be one of the miracles that turns bland food into marvelous dishes. In a normal Filipino cuisine, using butter is not practical because it is too expensive compared to margarine, which has almost the same components with the butter. My grandmother uses margarine to add up to taste for her banana fritters and pancakes.

But which is healthier? Well, margarine wins over butter when it come to heart health, although margarine is a processed food. Margarine is made from vegetable oil so it has good fats which are polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats. Which is the key to lessen the bad cholesterol.

However, butter is all natural. Some say that they trust cows more than the scientists when it comes to creating these goodies. Butter contains huge amounts of trans fat and cholesterol but there has never been an issue, a clinical disorder, an illness or any death with the consumption of these.

My advice is, too much of something (foods except healthy ones) is bad for your health. My whole point is that, I miss my grandmother’s banana fritters and pancakes with margarine.

To help you through with all the butter things, here are some cool sites all about the butter in the world!


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