Quentin Blake’s Illustrations


For so long, I have decided not only to publish posts of my own. Maybe the reason for that is to establish my own brand of theme. But this one’s exceptional. I have to tell you a story about a person who inspired me along with some of the few to pursue my becoming an Illustrator.

One of my favorite illustrator is Quentin Blake. I first noticed his works from Roald Dahl’s books. It was Nikki Chan, my former Korean student who introduced me to him. He had a huge book shelf full of Roald Dahl’s book and he often shares words which he was not familiar of like giddly-widdlies, gobblefunk and many more. I then became interested of collecting the books and fancied not just the stories but the illustrations as well.

Quentin Blake’s works resembles a kid’s freedom to stroke and draw. His works was first published in Punch when he was still 16. He has illustrated almost 300 books with some of the writer such as John Yeoman, Russell Hoban, Joan Aiken and the most famous Roald Dahl. For contributing as an illustrator, a cartoonist and a children’s book writer, he has been awarded a Hans Christian Anderson award in 2002, the highest recognition available to creators of children’s books.

For now, I use his works to be inspired and gather some ideas which are easy to assemble and easy to patch up.

For more information about his works, you can also visit his page here.

Image from www.quentinblake.com.


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