Skim Nature Board

Humans are disgusting really. Last Friday, me and the “Aussie” entrusted workmates decided to finally have our summer beach “getting-to-know-each-other” party or whatever you call that in Mati City, Davao Oriental. The beach was surreal, close enough to Boracay’s white powdery sand beaches, the Pacific ocean’s clear shades of blue water and the perfect blue sky. Come to think of it, the scenery is somewhat close enough to what I am familiar with the Hollywood beach movies. You know, the type where people lounge and get lazy around. I also got the chance to finally try out one of them skim boards and met a local skim boarder there, which I haven’t asked his name. Compared to surf boarding, skim board is somewhat not enough for me. It’s just like the cuter version of riding a wave.

Anyway, my concern is about how I awfully am disgusted by the people who visit there. There were like random garbage around the beach; Bottle caps, shampoo sachets, cigarette butts, water bottles, plastics every where and worst, a Rayban shades on the sea bed which I felt a little lucky finding it.

Really. guys, all I did the whole afternoon is play games with my workmates while side tripping on picking up pieces of trash from visitors. I mean who cares if I look stupid cleaning a little mess around the beach? My friends were very busy about being happy swimming and I am also very busy about trying to swim further where the trash is floating.

Really…and also, I’ve noticed this: when visitors are done enjoying their meals and finally leave the place, they just don’t bother cleaning up their damn mess. We should take care of our nature you guys!


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