Artists Versus Cheesecake

I believe that the internet is a huge classroom where everyone can share their notes, a school where everyone has access to a free library, and sometimes it’s where the evil leers where everyone is fucking busy about judging other fucking people. That’s what I am thinking right now.

But wait, there’s more!

Someone once told me that I’ve been to many kitchens, cafe, pubs, restaurants, and karinderias around town so she suggested why not put a blog about it? So, I’ve listed my (just) top 5 blueberry cheesecakes in town.

5. Green Coffee.

They made their cheesecake salty at the bottom then sweet at the top. That’s why it’s not good to pair it with an iced drink. You might not be able to finish it alone so you’ll end up like y’know…jebangs.

4. Miko’s Brew

Out of ten, it woulld be seven. Smooth and silkier compared to Green Coffee’s version. Perfect for Monday night chill. The thing is that it’s so smooth you can taste air. Yes, still good.

3. Cafe Firenzo

Yes, they have a blueberry cheesecake without the blueberries. What sorcery is this? They served me the first blueberry cheesecake way back when I still considered myself as a dodo. That’s why this was heaven for me. Still, they don’t have the actual blueberries.

2. Chippens

It’s so tasty it made me forget how it tasted. The reason why I look for it is  because I wanted to remember how very good it is when eating it. I just sat there, eating, and feeling blank. Perfect for distressed homo sapiens.

1. Lachis

All hail Lachis for making the best “melts in your mouth” kind of treats in town!!!! If given a hundred of them, I’d eat a hundred and one. Don’t care if I ended up dying on the toilet. It’s worth dying for.

(The illustration is Green Coffee’s blueberry cheesecake.)


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