Wedding Call-out Cards

There will be one episode in our lives where we come across a friend who’s gonna get married. The first signal would be us receiving invitation cards from them, acknowledging us that we are thought of. This invitation I received was from my “grand slam” high school classmates. I felt awkwardly shocked knowing that the both of them are to be affianced, intended! Back when we were in High School we were like a bunch of monkeys squabbling about nonsense and mess about everything. But these two are exceptional. No one could really tell that they will like each other. Like seriously, both of them worlds are unlikely to come across.
So recently, the girl asked me to make her their wedding cards. The kind of invitations that you won’t probably receive since it shapes like a calling card, a credit card or maybe a shopping card. The idea was to cut off the expense of printing from limited expensive wedding invitation cards to multiple wedding invitation call-out cards. The idea is good. So I offered her my free service (of course, up to this moment it is) and made her their own cartoon wedding invitation cards.

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