Celebrate Cheesy No more


Nothing could be more interesting than a day made extra special because it is full of surprises. I had not wished about any birthdays for myself ever since, but not until the day I recognized how it’s supposedly celebrated with friends and family. Now, I am here writing and still reminiscing about the memorable things that had happened during my birthdays since I learned how it’s a special day for me.

Four years ago, I had a habit of recording the things that has happened during the day. I just stopped yesterday. I don’t know why. Maybe I got sick about the usual stuff. As you get older, it gets a little bit boring. Anyway, it’s just a day right? Recording it is one thing, but having all those vivid memories like it seemed it was just yesterday  is something remarkable. It’s such moments in one’s life which is totally worth remembering.

As I remember, it was on my 17th birthday when I cried like hell. My high school friends surprised me with Pepsi in cans, a cake, and a bunch of blue balloons.  Why the tears? It’s because it’s the first and only birthday celebration I have ever had so far which I will always  cherish and remember.  Since then, I’ve always wanted surprises on my birthday.  More like a need not a want. I got used to the feeling of wanting to be surprised every year on my birthday. On my 24th was (I guess) also a remarkable one. I got to celebrate it somehow “alone”,  with an acquaintance. We had a very wide range of rides somewhere in Laguna City. Away from it all!

So basically, now, I think I feel old enough to not celebrate and expect for cheesy birthday surprises anymore. Probably, being surprised with a T-shirt with the design of my drawings on it would be the last birthday surprise that I would have wanted to be excited about.


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