Spanish Plum Sineguelas


The sineguelas or the Spanish plum is common in tropical regions. If I have not eaten this one again, I would not realize that this was also popular in the Americas. As a child, I used to eat siringuelas because that’s how we thought it was called or not that I remember how the Spaniards would like us to call it.

Last Tuesday, my sister brought these plums straight from General Santos city where she had an appointment with the Department of Foreign Affairs. Weeks ago, I had a problem with my vitamin C intake. Not until my sister gave me these enriched fruit nut that I remembered I should be having some fruits to digest. So I researched and found out these natural constituents:

Moisture 75.6 – 85.44%, Ash 0.57-0.9%, Phosphorus 0.11%, Calcium 0.01%, Iron 0.003%, Proteins 0.63%, Fats 0.09%, Carbohydrates 21.16% and Crude fiber 0.62%.

So, I realized after my short research, I probably need another fruit to consume since my lack of vitamin C has been slowly deteriorating. Argh!


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