Lucky Jeep Kitsch


Well, since I’ve been hearing jeepney stories for weeks now, why not show people what really Jeepneys are about?

Generally, it’s what Filipinos use to commute. This method has been existing since World War II. For years, the jeepney has transformed drastically and probably soon comes to a complete makeover. The word Jeepney was created because (according to Wikipedia) the people who ride it usually bumps knees in parallel to the other person. Thus, Jeep and Knee comes ringing.

What you will notice from these vehicles is that they have a very kitsch design. However unfamiliar they may look, these can’t be denied that it’s a part of the Filipino culture. I also have read a very hilarious blog about the usual activities when riding a jeep, in Davao City specifically. Read it here:

“The Curious Case of Davao Jeepney”

“Few years ago, a good friend of mine from Manila visited Davao and was pretty much intrigued to the existence of these three beings aptly named Nanay Pruneset, Miss Pruneset and Boogie.

She hailed a jeepney that would take her to her favorite mall. Inside the jeepney, the conductor collected the fare of the passengers and shouted “Oh, lugar lang, lugar lang”. After the jeepney stopped and waited for more passengers in front of a wet market, the conductor shouted, “Si Boogie lang! Si Boogie lang!”. Intrigued, my friend looked outside and found no one. A few minutes later, the conductor shouted again, but this time with a different name. “Nay Pruneset! Nay Pruneset!” A young man entered the jeepney and found a seat. He must be Boogie, my friend claimed. The jeepney sped off, continuing its journey.

The jeepney made a stop again but the conductor called the same name.

“Si Boogie lang! Si Boogie lang! Nay Pruneset! Nay Pruneset!”

My friend thought that Boogie’s already inside the jeep. That made her more confused. The cycle continued three times more but the conductor kept on calling the same names.

“Punyeta Nanay Pruneset, nasaan ka ba? Bilisan mo na kasi, nagmamadali pa naman ako!”, my friend cursed under her breath.

An old lady carrying two woven baskets entered the jeep. My friend got relieved upon seeing the old lady. “Finally, nandito ka na, Nanay Pruneset!”.

But the jeep didn’t move and had no plans to speed off to the next destination. My friend learned that the conductor was still busy looking for what it seemed to be Nanay Pruneset’s long lost daughter.

“Miss Pruneset, miss pruneset!”

“Uggghhhh not again!”, my friend muttered.

And from that day, my friend vowed to meet up with Boogie, Miss Pruneset and Nanay Pruneset ASAP and tell the three of them to rendezvous in one common place to avoid the inconveniences they had caused to the passengers… or so she thought.”

After reading this, my mind was like riff-raffing out of the room. You can read the full blog here.


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