Mug Coffee Down

Do you have this stash full of mugs at home? Mugs are somewhat the most useful creation that’s being used first thing in the morning. They serve as our daily companion. Filling it up with our most comfortable drink.

I don’t know about you guys but I don’t like seeing mugs with too much print on it. I like it being simple. Just a simple color will do.

If I have access I’ll try to make my own mug someday.

I searched about the history of mugs and I found more types of mugs. The most interesting probably would be the Tiki Mugs. They are mostly ceramic mugs which originated in the mid-century American Tiki bars. They look more like mugs from the ancient times and more likely to be inclined with the tropical countries. These mugs have evolved and turned out to be well used for daily activities. There are also travel mugs which happens to be a lot more convenient than the Tiki mug- obviously. These are the mugs we see at the department stores. This one also is called a vacuum flask, who sometimes, if isn’t washed carefully, will smell outrageously funky.

I told you I probably would be in a pottery some time in my life. If that’s going to happen these mugs will probably the ones that I am going make: click here for Mugs – Urban Outfitters.


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