Gonzales Puzzled Horizon

Today was like any other Monday for me. I don’t know what’s more interesting with my day-to-day activities for it may always be the same with the numerous past days that I have encountered. Every day, I always think about how I fit in my time to draw.  I always brag “how can I draw?”, “what should I draw?” or simply “should I draw?” Anyway, I feel like I needed to write something or do something so my days aren’t wasted with by just thinking of how to spend a day without thinking that I am useless.

I am not an ordinary person. I think a lot of stuffs like the things that a normal person does not think about and things that a casual person does not mind doing. I don’t know but I think I am referring to useless thoughts again.

Today at the public vehicle, with my unconscious habit of observing people, I noticed that some of them are puzzled with what they are up to this day. Some of them are looking at someone who is also staring at a person who is staring at a person staring him. Huh?

Never mind. Being as fast as a cheetah in the horizon, while working seems for me a legit reason why I should have a satisfactory performance result with work. I am like speedy Gonzales with work.


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