Spirit Stress Toys

The wind is like a band leader marching on a parade whistling as if it was the last thing on earth. It’s also like an opened refrigerator fresh and cool telling us it’s the beginning of a syndrome of expense. I really hate to admit it but I feel like it’s going to be Christmas anytime sooner. But I don’t want to declare it yet. Not until I see spirited decorations and relentless carols in the air.

Well, the morning is different today. It gave me a rush to see things and document something about it. See little things, coffee, DVDs, toy cars, stress balls… Oh! I remembered, two days ago I bought Pocoyo three stress balls and sure it was like no other stress balls. It didn’t made him stress (darn it).

So, let’s settle this, this month would be an extension of a year-long expense which is gift giving like toys and freebies. But that does not matter, just because I felt the spirit of…wait, ok I’ll spit it out. Merry Christmas!!!


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