Failure Gun Sloth

Youtube really is such a drag. I’ve been scanning some useless videos and learned one thing, which is…well, I honestly am not so sure with what I learned.

There’s so many things in my mind to be fulfilled but I ain’t actually doing something to finish those. You know what? Let’s forget it. I may have been like a sloth when moving however they move slow but sure.

I don’t make any sense now and what’s up with sloths?

Yesterday, my bodyguards invited me for a once-a-year firing session together with all those brutes and basks out of the company that I am working at for at least a couple of hours. This isn’t any typical invitation so it was a privilege to be counted in. Since I mentioned the “sloth” earlier, I finally can incorporate that to what I have done with the once-in-a-year opportunity to fire a gun.

I came late.


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